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These projects are examples of social critique and an exploration of human accessibility that brainstorm solutions for a better world. 


City Rebranding:
Jackson, Mississippi (2022)

Combining elements of Jackson's history and culture, I created a new, refreshing and contemporary design that focuses on empowering locals and welcoming tourists.


Package Design:
This is normal. Period. (2022) 

This project uses packaging to educate and destigmatize menstruation and menstrual health. In this branding, awareness and acceptance are the most crucial aspects of this design. 

App Design

App Design:
Mindful University (2021) 

'Mindful University' is an app dedicated to helping minority students connect to mental health care providers and other resources. 

MOck upv.png
Icon and Infographic

Icon Design and Infographics:
The Realities of Art School (2020)

These projects represent the highs and lows of my experiences in art school. 

The Reality of Art School Icon Pack
The Anatomy of an Art Student
Redesigned Project

Redesigned Project:
Anatomy of an Artist

Using new and old designs, I created a comic poster detailing the "anatomy" of an artist. 

Anatomy of an Art Student
The Anatomy of an Art Student