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3 - D

These projects explore the idea of creation as I push the boundaries of ceramics to develop a connection between my two-dimensional and three-dimensional work.

Fix the Clock

Fix the Clock (2021)
clay, pigment, silver paint, and found objects 

My inner dialogues and conflicts guide the theme of this project. I desired a feeling of instability and collected chaos to illustrate my thoughts and emotions during the second half of my sophomore year. The transition to a new sense of "normal" with familiar, yet new ways of interacting with school and life placed me in a loop where I constantly felt the need to "catch up" as I never felt like I had enough time to process my surroundings. The broken clock is a reminder of my idealizations that fell short and my dissatisfaction with how I used my time during this moment in my life.

Let it Out

Let It Out (2021)
clay, chalk, cone 6 glaze

For this project, I wanted to start a conversation and have people make thoughtful considerations when interacting with my mirrors. Regardless of who held the mirror, I wanted them to see past the presence of their physical selves and look deeper to address their emotional selves. I find that people spend too much time trying to "catch up" or "fit into" life, thus they fail to take a break and regard all that is taking place around them. We as people tend to pile on thoughts and emotions that are never released. In turn, I made mirrors to serve as a vessel of communication and release; a way to let go or share whatever a person may be holding onto.


Pottery: Mugs (2021)
clay, underglaze, cone 6 glaze

To expand my knowledge of wheel throwing and mug making, I decided to experiment with carving, patterning and adding sculptural elements to each vessel.

What Never Was But Still Is

Ceramic Design:
What Never Was But Still is (2022)

clay, resin, spray paint, found objects

This was never the “chair” I intended to make, but still is the chair I intended to make. I had to re-work my brain countless of times during this project and it eventually turned into something that went beyond the rubric to something more personal. It felt as if I was trying to save this piece and myself at the same time. You have an image of what something is supposed to be and then the rug is ripped from under you. You’re left falling, and you might hit the ground or you might catch yourself before you do. This semester has been a mix of that for me, and these projects are the result.