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Beyond illustrates a moment where the subjects fail to exist in the present. This disconnection, therefore, generates a curiosity component as viewers are left wondering what the subjects could be looking at. Complimented by strong uses of shadows and highlights, the composition is successful in making the presence of the subjects more real and interesting. As abstract linework appears in the light and disappears in the shadows, the subjects take on different relationships with each other and the setting they are placed in. While very similar in technique, each line and shadow are presented uniquely in order to bring forth a different perspective on life and portraiture. I believe this artwork relates to the theme of "light and shadows" because not only are the subjects existing in the shadows and looking towards the light, but they are presented with qualities that make them bolder, stronger, and more alive in the dark setting which consumes them. The subjects do not exist with us, viewers, we are merely observing their shadows as they move towards the light.

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